The man who had everything

In spring 2014 I had an exhibition together with retouch artist Joanna Ågren at Fotografiska  (The Swedish Museum of Photography) in Stockholm. A video about happiness.

We humans have always sought happiness. Some of us work very hard to find it, which easily becomes the main cause of unhappiness. However, one can ask what is needed for us to feel happy. If we are looking in the wrong places, we can be quite certain to be disappointed, depressed and frustrated. In today’s secular and commercial society happiness are often sought in things. It’s like an addiction where temporary injections constantly are needed. Short euphoria, which then disappears as quickly and once again, has to be filled with a new injection.
The man in the film portrays these thoughts. In his search, he finds himself constantly to new places in the world. He obtains various professions, adapts to the environment to fit. The objects in his hands, he holds so tightly in order not to lose, is in the next moment, replaced with new. A constant desire for change, new experiences, new clothes and new things to own. Sometimes it makes him happy, and sometimes it is not so good. Alone he stands there and wonders why it is as it is, with himself as the only companion, and always returns to his original location.

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