12 things

you should say to your partner

Together with my friends DEADLINE ART COLLECTIVE  I made a project on how to make a successful partnership work.

After three days of research in and around my home in Nykvarn, we ended up with 12 things that you should say to your partner. These will make all partnerships better, both professional and private ones.

The result could be seen as prints and a small book for one night only at a pop-up gallery, courtesy of DIGITAL STRATEGY.

And here you can buy the prints and book.

100% success guaranteed!

I wish life had a pause button
I would pause every moment we had together
You make me feel special
without doing a thing
for once in my life
i do not have to try to be happy
when i am with you
it just happens
i pretend to look around
but i am looking at you
When you need someone
to be there for you
i will be right by your side
when i am alone
i think of so many things to say to you
but when i got the chance to tell you
i go speechless
without doing a thing
a day without you
feels like a year
a day with you
passes in seconds
I always thought that
happiness started with an
but now I see
that it starts with
all that you are
is all that i will ever need
everything i have never done
i want to do
with you
some things have to remain a secret
but you and i
do not
it is amazing
how one little conversation can change things forever
one whisper of your voice
and i fade away
If you do not remember all this
buy the prints and book